.: PRP s.r.o.

Business activity:

  1. softwood sawmilling, impregnation and drying of softwood

  2. manufacture of wooden containers and other products from softwood

  3. business, selling softwood timber and wood of coniferous

  4. retail

  5. wholesale

  6. brokering

  7. tourist accomodation upto class ***

Main focus of the company is processing coniferous logs, production of high quality certified fresh and dried structural timber using mainly in the construction industry.

The basic range is freshly cut spruce timber, building, construction lumber as beams, battens, boards, side boards, GLT and Fingerjointed beams of different sizes and lengths. Continuous comprehensive modernization of production processes has expanded its range of production with profiles, pallet planks and roof structures. A by-product is sawdust and wood chips. The products are sold in the country, but mainly for foreign markets.

Softwood lumber prices are determined depending on the quality and type of product. Collection of sawdust and wood chips is contractually agreed with our business partners. When choosing business partners we place great emphasis on the seriousness of our customers, the frequency of collection of goods as well as the range of variability. The total volume of exported goods is increasing.

The years 2006 to 2010 are investment years. The company underwent a complete modernization of the factory building and production technology.

The manufacturing process starting with an electronic screening, debarking, sorting and electronic 3D measuring of log to the cutting itself is fully automated. Sawing technology is one of the most modern and the system is equipped with complete optimization of sawing and PLC control.

New technology is one of the most advanced technology in Slovakia.

PRP is a manufacturer of linear bonding Fingerjointed beams and glue-laminated beams GLT. These products are used for building houses, roofs, summer houses, bridges, shelters etc. Using CNC machine manufacturer provides accurate trimming, milling, pre-drilling the individual components directly at the plant, thereafter cutting the time of construction on site. Use of GLT and Fingerjointed beams guarantee the accuracy of construction.

As part of the reorganization of the market it was necessary to ensure the protection of wood against wood-destroying insects, wood-destroying fungi and mold. Wood protection is now an essential part of wood production.

The next step was to start the process of drying timber. The company currently dries about 40% of its production to the desired parameters. The dried timber is further processed in its secondary production (production of Fingerjointed beams, GLT beams and profiled timber) and the production of pallets for food.

The company owns equipment for handling logs and lumber and sawdust. Transporting logs and lumber is realized through an affiliated company PRP Logistics s.r.o.

Systematic process controls ensure that the timber meets all quality requirements. This is evidenced by the certificate of factory quality control issued by Lignotesting on which we issued a statement of Compliance to internal and external tiling, Declaration of Conformity for flooring boards and Declaration of Conformity for strength graded structural timber.

The company also received a certificate for production of structural fingerjointed wood issued by Timber Institute Prague (Fingerjointed beams, GLT).

Continuous attention to quality of products and services the company provides addition to high production efficiency and the growth of environmental awareness. Sustain a certified Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management System ISO 14 001:2004, OHSAS 18 001:2007 and system of chain of custody of forest products CFCS 1004:2006.

Market demands ever higher requirements to manufacturers in the woodworking industry. To comply with these requirements is only only possible by continuous adaptation, developing and modernizing. Our goal is continuous and sustainable development, openness to new technology and innovation.

There our society sees and uses the opportunity of the project supported by the European Union, "The introduction of modern technology units in sawmill production at PRP, s.r.o.", which aims to increase the competitiveness of the wood products on market by modernizing and expanding our production - the introduction of 3D technology for the needs of initial processing of wood and the introduction of modern production lines for wood profiles. The project was implemented within the timeframe of 06/2009 - 12/2009.


Strengths of our company:

  • stability of the company built

  • convenient location of operation from a marketing perspective

  • well done business strategy

  • qualified staff

  • management skills of business owners

  • gradual building of own fleet and premises

  • advantageous distribution of production between strong local and foreign partners

  • built long-term good supplier relationships

  • firm´s good reputation

  • quality product and stability in delivery times

  • enough inputs and skilled labor