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Integrated policy

The aim of the senior management of the company PRP s.r.o. is present itself as a company that pays attention to quality of products and services, also origin of raw material for the production, environmental protection and health and safety at work.

PRP s.r.o. company with its Integrated policy statement sets out the principles and specifies the objectives and strategies in the areas of quality, environment, health and safety at work and also the awareness of the raw material used and the origin of this forest product. Integrated policy applies to all work activities performed within the scope, manufacturing softwood lumber, timber impregnation, drying, planing, roof production and the glue-laminating prisms (longitudinal and transverse):

  • raise awareness of customer´s requirements, environmental awareness and responsibility for health and safety at work by systematic training
  • engage all staff involved in the processes of purchasing, handling and sales and identify responsibilities in compliance with the requirements of the chain according to the technical document TD SFCS 1004:2013
  • comply with the obligations defined by the social, health and safety requirements within the chain of custody of forest products
  • actively participate to secure product that meets customer´s requirements, environmental protection, health and safety at work, observe obligations under applicable legislation and voluntary commitments in given areas
  • with preventive measures minimize adverse impacts on the environment, the emergence of injuries and damage to health and reduce the likelihood of incidents
  • regularly review and continually improve the integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2009, BS EN ISO 14001: 2005 and BS OHSAS 18 001:2009 and technical requirements document TD SFCS 1004:2013, including setting and reviewing longterm objectives and goals
  • communicate with employees, customers, suppliers, state and local authorities and to create conditions for bilateral cooperation in the areas of quality, environment, health and safety at work and the chain of custody of forest products
  • influence the environmental behavior of suppliers and contractors in an appropriate way
  • present to customers a high quality of work and a willingness to ensure customer requirements in full
  • when buying products, which in our field is round wood log we prefer wood from forests grown in a sustainable manner
  • by participating in the chain of forest products to improve the organization and internal communication within the company, so that at any moment it is possible to identify certified material and its origin was known
  • improve manufacturing operations by implementing automation

All employees are familiar with integrated policy and are governed by the principles set out fully in all activities. It is available to the public at the registered office of the company and the company's website.

Company management is committed to creating the organizational, personnel and financial resources for maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management system in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2009, EN ISO 14 001:2005 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2009 and TD SFCS 1004:2013


Veľký Krtíš, 13/05/2013                                                        Approved: Slavomír Dyma, director